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Resources for Pregnant Women in Need in Hamilton County, Indiana


  • Embrace Grace

  • Hope, Inc.

    • Financial assistance for housing and childcare

    • Facilitator to connect our students to community resources

    • Financial literacy and a game plan for financial independence

    • Counseling resources and success coaching

  • The Human Coalition

    • Pregnancy center and church connections

    • Long-term assistance support networks

  • Susan B. Anthony Pro-Life America

    • Confidential support & counseling

    • Post-abortion counseling

    • Clinic and medical care connections

    • Connections to assistance programs for comprehensive medical, social and material support. 

  • Option Online

    • Helps you find pregnancy centers that can help you.

  • Save the Storks

    • Find free care and ultrasound near you

  • Pro-Life Across America

    • Pregnancy resources

    • Post-abortion healing

    • Adoption connections and information



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