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In her book, “What’s Your God Language” Dr. Myra Perrine does an excellent job at building off Dr. Gary Thomas’s work as it pertains to the concept of “spiritual temperaments”. Gary describes these innate spiritual pathways in his book, “Sacred Pathways: Discovering You Soul’s Path to God”. He discusses 9 ways to draw near to God:

  • The Activist – loving God through confrontation with evil
  • The Ascetic – loving God though solitude and simplicity 
  • The Caregiver – loving God though serving others
  •  The Contemplative – loving God through adoration
  • The Enthusiast – loving God through mystery and celebration 
  • The Intellectual –  loving God through the mind
  • The Naturalist – loving God through experiencing Him outdoors
  • The Sensate – loving God through the senses
  • The Traditionalist – loving God through ritual and symbols 

What exactly is a spiritual temperament? A spiritual temperament is the way we best relate to God, namely, our most natural and meaningful approach to connecting with God, knowing God, and loving God. A spiritual temperament serves as an entry point into greater awareness of Jesus – His presence and His love. It is that place where we almost effortlessly find what some have referred to as our, “sacred space.” Our spiritual temperament influences where and how we are quieted inside, and where and how we most often sense God speaking to us, refreshing us, and stirring our passion for Him. We might say it is where we most often hear “the gentle invitation of Jesus to dwell with Him.” Our spiritual temperament serves as our “default mode” spiritually, the style we fall back on when we want to be with God and are not intentionally pursuing Him another way.

“What’s Your God Language” by Dr. Myra Perrine – pg. 11

To discover your own God Language be sure to pick up your own copy of “What’s Your God Language”. This helpful book will give you direction in how to connect with God through your unique spiritual temperament. The book contains 9 exercises for each of the 9 spiritual temperaments. Also download this helpful PDF version of the, spiritual-temperament-inventory to discover your own personal spiritual temperament.