“Starting new churches is a God Thing! “

We have found the following seven values as attributes of successful new churches.

1 – Holy Spirit Dependent

Romans 8:26; 1 Timothy 6:11-15 The leadership demonstrates a hunger for the Holy Spirit’s guidance, convictions, and counsel in the movement of ministry. The community displays a spiritual life that is attractive, inspires others around them, creates curiosity in non-believers and initiates action in change around them.

2 -Transforming Communities Through Generosity

“Love breaks the bank.”

Acts 2:29-32; 2 Corinthians 9:6 Jesus gave it all, so we give it all! Love gives with sacrifice and generosity. Our generosity will earn us the right to bring life to every neighbor and neighborhood.

3 – Ministry is Contextual in Outreach, Evangelism, and Discipleship

1 Corinthians 9:19-23 1 Corinthians 12:6-7

“Deeply desires to reach lost people with the message of Jesus Christ where they are.” “Love Next Door”

Communication and actions are sensitive to groups of people who are unaware of the ministry’s intentions, assumptions, and traditions. Ministry is relevant to the context and culture surrounding the church; the ministries are designed to recognize and react to the tensions, tragedies, and transitions that local people are facing; and responds to the culture with Biblical truth. Jesus is building His Church, that harvest is now, we must go! Our movement is at its best when we are raising up new leaders to reach new places and new people with the transformational power of Christ’s love.

4 -Disciples Making Disciples and Churches Starting Churches Means Success.

“Love’s always on the move.”

Acts 4:29-31; Acts 8:29-36,38; 1 Corinthians 9:19-23 Love unleashes an unstoppable movement that makes disciples who make disciples. Love will draw every neighbor and neighborhood to Jesus Christ until God is first in every heart and every home.

5 – ‎Leadership Development is Accomplished through a Heromaking Culture.

1 Corinthians 12:6-7,19-20 The Church inspires ownership by utilizing the giftedness of every member of the Body of Christ. Ministry methods are cohesively implemented by teams so that the victory, challenge, sacrifice or risk of the movement is owned by all involved. Every time a person’s giftedness is recognized and empowered through relationships and training, that person is given hands-on opportunities to move in, move up and move out as the church.

6 – Ministry is Multi-Ethnic and Multi-Generational

“Love moves better together”

Acts 4:31-35 Jesus loves a crowd because love is best experienced and expressed in the community. Our community is what gives strength and momentum to life transformation. Our love for each other, proves we are His disciples.

7 – Theologically United around Wesleyan Methodism

Acts 2:42-47 Committed to the core convictions of the Wesleyan Church: God forgives us, freeing us from our sin through the sacrifice of Jesus Christ. God transforms us by the power of the Holy Spirit to live holy lives, being made new. God empowers us to spread scriptural holiness in our communities and to the world. God gives us our dynamic and contagious message through Scripture.

Waterline Church fulfills its vision to, “Love God and Love Others” by starting new churches. By launching new churches, we take Jesus into the lives of needy people, we become partners with God’s mission, and we actively expand God’s kingdom. God’s heart beats for church planting, and so does ours.

Launch of Waterline in Pendleton, Indiana








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