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Hey Waterline,

I have exciting news to share with you! As you can tell, Waterline is growing, and we are so excited about all the new opportunities we have to love God and love others! Already this spring we have seen God’s favor in our efforts to bring life to every neighbor and neighborhood. Just a few weeks ago we hosted our largest event to date. Almost 2000 of our neighbors came to our Waterline Easter Egg Drop! On Palm Sunday and Easter Sunday in a public testimony of faith in Jesus Christ, nine people were baptized.  We could not have been more thrilled with our record breaking attendance of 423 people on Easter Sunday. And 101 of them were children under the age of 11! What an incredible opportunity we have in the lives of so many young people! Finally, we celebrate the 50 individuals who raised their lights on Easter Sunday making a decision for faith. Each was taking a step with Christ in a personal relationship, filled with light and life. So as you can see, God is on the move, and we are all following Him!

As you may remember, last August, Chris Chrismond joined our ministry staff as an Interim Worship Leader. During this time, Chris and his family continued to explore and seek the Lord as a possible transition to the mission field in Thailand was being shaped. We can all agree that Chris and Kylie Chrismond have been a real blessing to Waterline Church. They were our answer to prayer and filled a leadership void in our weekly Experiences. I could not be more grateful for Chris and Kylie. Today, the Waterline House Band is stronger than ever and deeper in depth of talent. Chris’ willingness to step in and serve during this interim period has allowed our leadership to continue the search for a new Director of Relational Arts.

Danielle and I have had the pleasure of meeting, interviewing and hearing from many viable candidates. In May of 2016, Danielle and I began a conversation with singer, song writer, author and professor Elizabeth Rhyno as her and her husband Scott prepared to relocate from their home in New Brunswick, Canada to Indiana. Scott Rhyno would be taking a new position as the Chief Development Director for The Wesleyan Church while Elizabeth would be leaving her position as Director of Worship at Kingswood University and was seeking the Lord in where she would serve in ministry here in Indiana.

After finding a home in Fishers, Indiana, Scott, Elizabeth and their three children Grace, Morgan, and Mackenzie have all made Waterline Church their faith family. The Rhyno family is very gifted in music and they have already been serving in many areas of our weekly Experiences.

After months of prayer, interviewing, and seeking wise counsel, Danielle and I are excited to announce that Elizabeth Rhyno will be serving in the role of “Director of Relational Arts” for Waterline Church. As the new Director of Relational Arts, Elizabeth Rhyno will be responsible for discovering, developing and executing of unique methods of using the arts and community to build bridges in people’s lives both spiritually and socially, as well as through generosity. Through the lens of the following 4 Core Values, Elizabeth will equip the body of Christ for a ministry that:
Responds: A ministry that is leading and empowering the community to engage in worshipful response that allows Waterline Church to experience real faith.
Relates: A ministry that discovers, understands and contextualizes the unique “Arts Culture” of the north side of Indianapolis.
Raises up Leaders: A ministry that disciples and leads the “Wave Makers” (volunteers) of Waterline Church into the presence of God by the use of their time, talents, and treasures.
Reproduces: As Elizabeth continues to develop as a leader with strong, defined biblically based values and a clear understanding of contextual ministry, she will establish and produce methods of ministry that disciples people who disciple people.

Obviously, you can see how excited Danielle and I are to have a leader such as Elizabeth Rhyno joining our team. Elizabeth will assume her role in the days leading up to Sunday, May 21. Naturally, we wanted to give you an opportunity to welcome her to this new role of leadership at Waterline Church. Also, if you have a musical, vocal, instrumental, technical or theatrical talent, Elizabeth would love to connect with you. Please reach out to Elizabeth with an email: Elizabeth@WaterlineChurch.com

Thank you Waterline for your patience and generosity that allows for Danielle and I to make wise decisions on hiring new staff. To all of those who helped in the interview process, thank you. To those of you who have and continue to give each week generously to Waterline, thank you for your faithful giving. Because of your giving, we can expand ministry and ministry staff.

John and Danielle Freed

Rev. John & Danielle Freed
Lead Pastor

Pastor Danielle Freed
Ministry Development Coach

For more information about Elizabeth Rhyno check out the following links:
Elizabeth Rhyno on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/elizabethrhyno
Singer and Song writer: https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/something-beautiful/id321379971?ign-mpt=uo%3D4
Author: http://joyletloose.com/2016/12/about-elizabeth/
Scott’s New Role at The Wesleyan Church: https://www.wesleyan.org/5141/scott-rhyno-named-chief-development-director-for-the-wesleyan-church