1 John 4 tells believers that our love for God is demonstrated by how we love others. In a time of amplified disunity and offense, our calling as a body of believers is to examine our own hearts, repent of any evil, and love God by loving others well. This growing collection of resources is to help us as individuals and families take steps to listen, learn and love.


Reading Plans on the Youversion App


Explore Racial Reconciliation


The Power of Unity


Be the Bridge





Life Has Purpose site by Ryan And Bethany Bomberger


 Tearing Down The Dividing Wall: How the Gospel Shapes Racial Reconciliation By: H.B Charles Junior




Books to Read with your Children

Age 4-8 

 Color Full :Celebrating the colors God gave us By Dorena Williamson


 God’s Very Good Idea: A true story about Gods Delightfully different Family By: Trillia Newbell



Age 5+

A Kids Book About Racism By: Jelani Memory




Age 8-12

 God Made Me And You: Celebrating God’s Design for Ethnic Diversity By Shai Linne



Age 10+

 The Gospel In Color: A theology of racial reconciliation for kids By Curtis Woods and Jarvis Williams


Age 12+

 Voice Of Freedom Fannie Lou Hamer: Spirit of the civil rights movement By Carole Boston Weatherford


 White Fragility By Robert DiAngelo and Michael Dyson