“…If we work together as one church, rather than two separate independent churches, we will reach more people for Christ.”

Pastors John & Danielle Freed
Co-Founders of Waterline Church

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Every Sunday at 10:30am

5550 South State Road 67
Anderson, Indiana 46064


Waterline Church >> Pendleton
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Starting new churches is a God-thing. The foundational beliefs for starting new churches are for the Glory of God, the Mission of God and the Kingdom of God.

The Glory of God

Psalm 67:3-4
When we read scriptures like this one and Ephesians 1:3-14 we can see that the church exists for the glory of God. God has chosen His church to act as His chief instrument whereby His glory is revealed throughout the world today. The planting or starting of new, healthy churches is a means of seeing God’s glory spread throughout the earth. Worship is, therefore, the fuel for our mission. The goal of our mission is the gladness of the people in the greatness of God.

The Mission of God

Ezekiel 38:23
The God we serve is on a mission. God has chosen His church as the chief vehicle for achieving His redemptive purpose today. The Bible is full of stories of how God has revealed His plan of blessing through one person of faith who becomes a blessing to another and another until the world is restored back to Himself. Our mission to start new churches is not the invention, responsibility, or program of Waterline Church, but flows from the character and purposes of God.

The Kingdom of God

Acts 14:25-27
God is passionate that His kingdom will encompass every community, every tribe, and will reach every person. The very first command in the Bible is to be fruitful and multiply. God intends the church to proclaim and demonstrate the kingdom so that His kingdom will spread to every people group on earth. He has given His Church a kingly commission to go into the entire world and make disciples who worship the King of Kings. The heart of God for kingdom expansion is the foundation for starting new churches.

Waterline Church fulfills its vision to, “Love God and Love Others” by starting new churches. By launching new churches, we take Jesus into the lives of needy people, we become partners with God’s mission, and we actively expand God’s kingdom. God’s heart beats for church planting, and so does ours.