Hey Parents,

Here is all the resources and what we discussed on Sunday at our Parent Huddle to discuss the upcoming sex and relationship talk series called Great Expectations that is starting on Feb. 18th during the 11AMexperience. Here is a little video from Pastor Claire Ellis with a recap of what was shared:

Click here to see video!

Here is the first video that mostly focus on sex so you know what your kids are hearing and the discussion they could have. I will also send you the weekly videos and discussion questions so you know how to follow up with your students at home.


Here are the 4 Lesson Titles for each week:

Week One: God design for sex is better than the world’s design for sex.

Week Two: Control your obsessions or they will control you.

Week Three: Value what God values

Week Four: Focus on you before you focus on who

Each week after the main video we will split the groups by gender to have different small group conversations. Make sure to introduce yourself to the small group leaders that are spending every week investing in your students. They are pretty amazing!

Below is the resource guide that has the parent cue for the series, multiple discussion guides and different contract you can use to parent your students. This booklet of resources will also be available at the connect table this Sunday!

Please let me know if you have any questions and thanks for making this a priority for your students.

Claire Ellis

Family Ministry Director

Click this link to get all the resources: