Discover Life Groups
@ Waterline Church

Why Life Groups?

Waterline Life Groups are where people are taking next steps together. Join a Life Group and you’ll learn why we at Waterline Church believe Life is Better Together.

What are Life Groups?

Life Groups center around relationship. They are about relating to each other in a deep and personal way. If you are part of a Life group you are entering into a community where together we connect around worship, growth, serving and having fun.

Where are Life Groups?

Our life groups are part of our community which means they meet in the homes and spaces of the communities you live in. Many groups are hosted in homes, others meet in our building and some may even meet in a coffee shop. To find where our Life Groups meet Click the Button Below

What about Family Friendly Groups?

A “Family Friendly” group means child care is available that is time sensitive, structured and safe. A specific person is designated to be responsible for the supervised care of the children.

What Happens at Life Groups?


Life groups are visible in the community. Waterline Life groups are open to new people and are involved in the community they meet in. They seek to fulfill the mission of Christ in their communities.


Life Groups are the Waterline Experience in portable form. Waterline Life groups take the elements of the Experience, corporate worship, Bible study, prayer and community and move them into the home. Waterline Life groups worship sacramentally through prayer, fellowship and the reading of scripture. They focus on communing with God in a more personal way.


By being together we grow together. We are shaped by those we are around and a Life group is no different. Growth in Christ should be a natural outcome of being a part of a Life group. Through prayer, sharing and loving accountability the Life group should be an catalyst for momentum in peoples lives.

Have Fun

Our Life Groups love to have fun! They even make time during the semester on multiple occasions to just come together and have fun together! We know that when we have fun we connect at another level and continue to grow together in relationship


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