It’s not natural to social distance yourself from people. Especially if you are called to Love God and Love others as all Christians are. It is natural to protect yourself and social distance in the midst of a pandemic. People who may social distance to protect themselves or others may feel a sense of guilt or shame by disassociating, rejecting close encounters or being around people who may be contagious. At the same time,  people who are contagious with covid-19 may also feel a sense of guilt and shame because they could cause harm to others. So what do we do?

Be honest. Say it, “I love you, but I am scared”. “I want to hang out with you, but I am scared.” “I want to join you, but I am scared.”

Be honest and show love to someone by inviting them into how you feel and think. Allow them to share how they feel and think. Be patient with each other. That’s love. Then, the two of you, with mutual respect make a new plan for how you will be friends, family, neighbors in this season of crisis.