“We exist to love God and love others, bringing life to every neighbor and neighborhood until God is first in every heart and every home.”

Your Faith Promise giving says that you believe . . .

  • Reaching others with the Good News of Jesus is a top priority.

  • Jesus changes lives.

  • Giving is important, but faith and prayer are even more important.

  • God will help you give the amount you promised by faith in obedience to Him.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Why we have Faith Promise giving?

  • Faith Promise giving is an act of generosity that’s enabled by God for his purpose that is miraculously more than we can normally afford to give. (2 Corinthians 8:2-3, 2 Corinthians 9:6-15)
  • Faith Promise giving opens up our life to be a channel for God’s blessing to the mission of our church(Genesis 12:3). At Waterline we use the generosity of our Faith Promise giving to launch life-giving faith communities in the 7 counties around our Fishers, location.
  • Faith Promise giving allows each of us to reflect our personal commitment to the redeeming mission of God. (2 Corinthians 8:5)
  • Faith Promise is an invitation to clearly demonstrate and experience our love for God and others. (Philippians 2:1-4; Luke 6:38, Romans 12:9-10)

Who should give to Faith Promise?

  • We want everyone to step out in faith with a heart of generosity. This step of faith allows God to have an opportunity to do something significant in our lives. We believe generosity is for all ages and faith can be learned at a very young age.

What’s the relationship between Faith Promise and giving my personal tithe?

  • Faith Promise giving is over and above the tithe. We believe that tithing is a clear scriptural principle. Tithing recognizes God’s ownership over me and all that I have. In practical terms, our communities tithe resources the financial needs of Waterline Church and our ministries.
  • A Faith Promise is a way for us give specifically to reaching those around us who do not have a relationship with God. Faith Promise giving expresses my desire that the whole world come to know the Good News about Jesus.

How do I get the funds to fulfill my Faith Promise?

  • We believe and have experienced that when you act on the Holy Spirit’s prompting and make a financial promise to give by faith, that God may increase your income, decrease your expenses.
  • We have also witnessed God calling individuals to sacrificially give the funds for something they had been saving for to meet their faith promise commitment. 

Do I give my Faith Promise before I get it?

  • No, a Faith Promise is a faith commitment. Promise only what you believe God is prompting you to personally to give. Then trust God to be faithful in this promise and enable you to fulfill your faith promise.

How do I make a Faith Promise?

  • Take time to read the Bible to understand God’s desire to for all His followers to live a life of generosity, and how this generous life is enabled and empowered by God.
  • Ask God to prompt you and reveal to you what amount you should give in faith.
  • If you’ve given a faith promise before, consider increasing that total.
  • Prayerfully again consider the amount you can faithfully purpose to give. (II Corinthians 9:7) Do not be surprised at the amount God lays on your heart. Just be obedient.
  • Fill out a Faith Promise form, indicating your Faith Promise amount for the coming year. Then divide it into per month or per week amounts if that is helpful.

How do I give my Faith Promise? 

  • Give as God provides the funds. Place your giving by check or cash in the giving bucket at any Waterline Experience. Please use the giving envelop and designate it for “Faith Promise”. You may also give by sending a text with the words “FaithPromise” (no spaces) to (317)827-7070 and follow the prompts.

Is this a pledge and will I be notified of my progress?

  • This is a promise to God, not a pledge to the church. Your Faith Promise amount is between you and God. Your giving will be tracked so that you can receive a tax-deductible receipt at the end of each year, but you will not receive anything like a bill or invoice from Waterline Church.

How long does my Faith Promise commitment last?

  • Faith Promise commitments are made for one year during special promotion time of 2-3 weeks. Each year Waterline will invite you to participate in Faith Promise with a new amount.

Is Faith Promise a pledge I commit to pay even if my  income goes down during the year?

  • Faith Promises differ from other kinds of giving such as pledges. If God does not provide it, you are not obligated to give it.

Why do I have to sign my name if this is a commitment I’m making to God?

  • Signing your name is optional. However, indicating name and amount allows you opportunity to express your Faith and your Promise. It is a way of saying to God: “This is me, Lord. Count on me.” It also allows Waterline Church to keep record of you giving for tax purposes, and to help us plan our church planting adventures.

Is Faith Promise the only way I can participate in giving to God’s mission?

  • No, not everyone chooses to give through with a Faith Promise. If you believe God is leading you be generous in another way, always obey Him.


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