This past Saturday we held a E- Learning Parent Hacks and Support Webinar. We recorded it for those of you who couldn’t attend in person. We were blessed to have Mallory Jurkash, Michelle Foelber and Melody Croft sharing resources, support, and encouragement during this new season of e-learning and parenting.




Below is the time breakdown for the three different segments:


2:00 Teaching & Technology. Lots of resources for how to keep your children entertained at home- Mallory Jurkash


21:00 How to schedule your day with e-learning at home, how to balance being a parent and a teacher figure in your child’s life. Encourage for Parents- Michelle Foelber


43:00 How to create community that your students are craving within your house. How to support middle school and high school students in this season- Melody Croft

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Below is a document of all the resources Mallory Jurkash mentioned in her talk and also the chat during our Zoom that has some more resources for you 🙂

Tech Talk – Waterline