3 Outcomes of Boot Camp

  1. To fan the flame and equip missional leaders with a practical how-to guide for launching a life-giving,  gospel-centered, missional church.

  2.  To assist missional leaders in the development of their unique vision and strategic proposal for the church they believe God is calling them to plant.

  3. To have the opportunity to meet and build relationships with other church planters and missional leaders who are on the same journey.

Who is Boot Camp For?

This boot camp is designed for the following participants:

  • Future Church Planters
  • Campus Pastors
  • Senior/Lead Pastors looking to launch multi-site campuses
  • Missional Leaders
  • Coaches, Mentors or those looking to resource missional movements
  • Multiplication Teams
  • Missional Network Leaders
  • Persons interested in Church Planting and discovering their role in God’s mission.

Register now for an Upcoming Boot Camp

October 25-26, 2019 – Friday & Saturday  – 9am – 5pm 

  • Location: Waterline Church 13300 Olio Road Fishers, Indiana 46037
  • COST: $200 (spouse is free)

March 20-21, 2020 – Friday & Saturday  – 9am – 5pm

  • Location: Waterline Church 13300 Olio Road Fishers, Indiana 46037
  • COST: $200 (spouse is free)

October 2-3, 2020 – Friday & Saturday  – 9am – 5pm 

  • Location: Waterline Church 13300 Olio Road Fishers, Indiana 46037
  • COST: $200 (spouse is free)


Registration Includes:  Books & Class materials for the planter and spouse, Snacks/Drinks on Friday, Lunch/Snacks/Drinks on Saturday.

Topics Covered at Boot Camp

  • Church Planting Foundations
  • Preparing to Plant a Missional Church
  • Networking and Gathering for Partnerships, Resources, and Missional Opportunities.
  • Foundations in Fundraising
  • 12 Insights Into Building a Missional Launch Team
  • Designing Worship Services and Disciple-Making Ministry Systems
  • Launching Public Worship Services

Boot Camp Books and Materials

With your registration, you will receive a copy of, “First Steps for Planting a Missional Church” by Gary Rohrmayer & Lee Stephenson. Also,  a complementing copy of, “Church Planting Landmines” by Gary Rohrmayer will be provided.  Planters will receive a copy of both books with registration. Church Planter’s spouses will not need a 2nd copy of the books. We encourage sending organizations to provide a copy of these books to the planter’s Coach. Finally, it is recommended that each planter also obtain a copy of, “Next Steps For Leading A Missional Church” by Gary Rohrmayer.

Boot Camp Facilitator

Danielle Freed – Church Planter & Coach

John Freed – Church Planter & Coach



Friday – 9AM – Check-In and Kick-off

 Church Planting Foundations

The Glory, Mission & Kingdom of God || Marks of a Successful Church Plant || What is a Missional Church Plant || Discerning God’s Calling to Plant || Developing a Church Planting Vision Writing a Church Planting Proposal || Effective Vision Casting   How Did God Launch The Church

Preparing to Plant a Missional Church

Spiritually – 5 Marks of Spiritual Leaders ||  Relationally – Establishing and Building an Intercessory Prayer Team || Financially – Biblical Foundations and Basic Strategies for Fundraising. || Professionally – Growing as a Leader, Ten Marks of a Coachable Leader, How to get the most out of your coaching relationship.

 Networking and Gathering

Networking Opportunities & Basics || Gathering StrategiesDraw || Build & Draw to Build Approach

SATURDAY 9AM – 4PM – Send-Out

Building a Missional Launch Team 

Insights into Building A Launch Team

Launching Public Worship Services 

Draw, Build & Draw to Build Approach || Strategies for Outreach The Principal for Sowing and Reaping || Sowing Seeds of Awareness

Designing Worship Services and Ministry Systems 

Basic Elements of a Worship Service ||Worship space and location || Worship Style and Liturgy || First Impressions & Guest Services || Establishing Children’s or Family Ministry || Preaching In a New Church || Response Filter – Introduction to Assimilation